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Arranger/Producer Marti Amado Produces Music for Carlo Caldana’s New Indie Film

Players, Engineer and Arranger/Producer at Studio West

Arranger/Producer Marti Amado teamed up with top LA and San Diego jazz musicians to record Independent Film Director Carlo Caldana’s compositions for his upcoming film. The project, titled, “Go to Hell and Turn Left,” Is about a deaf painter named Oif, who sees his wife, two years after her death.

Film Director & Composer Carlo Caldana

Though the two have never met in person, “We have a phone and online relationship,” says Amado, their creative instincts are always well aligned. “Marti takes on each project as if it were her own and she seems to intuitively know exactly the sound I have in my mind for the arrangements and recordings,” says Caldana. “She assembles a first class team of musicians and engineers and the results of the recording and mixing sessions are always terrific,” he adds.

The two instrumental themes, “Oif’s Ballad,” and “Lonely World,” Amado describes as, “Light swing – Django electrified”, and “A haunting classical cinematic piece,” respectively. The admiration is apparently mutual, as Amado says, “Carlo’s melodies are beautiful and charming and developing the arrangements is a pleasure.”

World Class Guitarist, John Jorgenson with Tracking and Mixing Engineer Mike Harris

Guitar virtuoso John Jorgenson plays guitars on the tracks as well as clarinet. “John is an amazing musician, I’m always thrilled when he can be involved in a project I am working on,” Amado says.

The musical cast of characters is rounded out by Duncan Moore, drummer, Rob Thorsen, upright bass player, Hugo Suarez on piano, and Martha Lippi, cellist on the cinematic piece.

Martha Lippi, Cellist

Mike Harris recorded and mixed the project at Studio West in San Diego.

This is the second collaborative project for Caldana and Amado. The San Francisco based author, screenwriter, director and composer tapped Amado to arrange and produce his music for a film project in 2014, “Smile Again, Jenny Lee.”