Amado Music LLC


Tolan Shaw - Artist/Songwriter: "Marti is so frickin' good at what she does, ESPECIALLY, in my opinion, in the realm of vocal tracking, vocal performance, and vocal editing. Marti really knows how to get the best takes out of singers, and how to create the best vocal performance for a song.. Plus she's just got a great ear for a track and just what it needs. "

Christine Parker, Artist/Songwriter: "Marti Amado is a top notch producer to work with. The breadth of knowledge she has of musical styles and genres, as well as her proficiency in arranging and composing for many different instruments and sounds, was invaluable in the arranging and production experience. The end result of my studio album was more than I could have hoped for!"

Paul Prince - Artist/Songwriter: "The best way to describe Marti is 'Musical Visionary'. I was a dedicated home studio musician until I stepped into her office. She has this way of diving soul first into a song, adjusting the emotional levels, adding a little something here and there, and never straying from what your original ideas were. Marti has the ability to comprehend where you want to go with a song when you're not even sure of it yourself. I highly recommended this amazing Producer, and I can't wait to work with her again in the future."

Marc "Twang" Intravaia (The Eve Selis Band): "Marti is an amazing talent. Whenever she calls me for a session, I know I'll be working with the best producer and musicians in town. Her sessions are professional and efficiently run, and yet always fun. Marti's energy is contagious and her musical instincts are always spot on. She's a joy to work with."

Patricia Tacon - Artist/Songwriter: "I feel nothing short of blessed after working with Marti Amado on my song, "Every Second". As a producer, she is professional, timely, collaborative, respectful and quirky cool. Thanks to Marti's keen musical knowledge and experience in the industry she was able to give "Every Second" color, class, and warmth -- everything I wanted and hoped for. I would recommend Marti to anyone, because I believe that as a producer, she is truly capable of doing any style of music for every kind of artist."

tamtam - Artist/Songwriter: "I had an amazing experience recording my first song with Marti. She gave me a lot of feedback and many helpful suggestions that definitely improved the song. She also made me feel at ease, and the atmosphere in the studio is simultaneously lighthearted and efficient. Marti knows great musicians and recording and mixing engineers who also help refine and strengthen the song further. I can't wait to work with her again in the near future. Thank You Marti!"

Eva Alexander: "Working with Marti, you immediately feel 'connected' -- she gets your music, knows how to push you to get your best possible performance and makes your vision come alive. I cannot wait to get back into studio and record with her again!"

Scott Gordon: "Working with Marti has truly been a magical experience. The music has always been inside me, but until now I never had the ability to truly showcase my talent. Marti was able to help me mold my music, actually making the songs I have written better sounding, stronger pieces. She's been an absolute joy to work with, and I look forward to our next project together."

Paula Prophet: "Marti is a fabulous producer who understands the delicate balance between art and the technicalities of music production. Her wealth of musical knowledge and experience enable her to support and enrich the creative process without overwhelming or diluting the artist's vision. A consummate professional, Marti also understands how to make the process fun!"

Jeff Berkley and Calman Hart - Berkley Hart: "Producing our album with Marti Amado was the most productive, and least stressful, studio experience we've ever had. She focused our energy into reality. She's a wellspring of great energy, and she radiates a positive vibe that keeps the music fresh and the sessions on-track. Marti has a knack for recognizing the good ideas & gracefully pointing out the bad one's. She also kicks ass on the piano."

Caleb Keiter - Recording Engineer: "As a recording engineer, it helps me tremendously to have a talented producer in the control room. Marti has a wonderful ear for arranging which helps the recording and mixing of a song come together with very little tweaking. I get to spend more of my time sweetening the tones of instruments and voices and less of my time making sure one instrument does not interfere with another. Marti understands many different styles of music and is a pleasure to work with. She is also a fantastic keyboard player and vocalist as well as a great coach to the artists and musicians she works with."

Janet Marie: "I have never experienced any one more devoted to a project, so in tune to every little detail, and with a God given ability to hear things no one else can hear and arrange them in the the right way. As a Music Producer, Marti is one of the best there is, not to mention an awesome person inside and out, and a lot of fun to be around."

Bella Merlin - Artist/Songwriter: "It was a joy working with Marti. She is a professional - imaginative, precise, incisive, inspirational and fun. It was a delight to meet someone who could find her way so sensitively inside each song, understanding its atmosphere and hearing its potential, yet absolutely noting where speed, pitch, and lyrics needed subtle adaptations. The week in the studio was utterly rewarding: Marti's not only brought together top-notch musicians, but she worked with a precision and generosity that were inspirational."